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Design, Engineering & Testing

Proven Reliability

For over 30 years our worldwide customers: engineers, project managers, production and maintenance departments and contractors have relied on CSP to deliver proven quality cast, forged and fabricated metal products with innovative engineering custom solutions for wear, replacement and abrasion and heat resistant requirements. 

Innovative Customized Engineering

Our experienced sales and engineering departments utilizing state of the art computer technology in design and drafting and engineering programs (such as AutoCAD / Solid Works, FEA, Solid Modeling, Rapid Prototyping and Solidification analysis) work closely with the end user to determine exactly what is required in order to supply an innovative engineered custom solution. CSP uses SolidWorks 3D modeling software to design and simulate all of our products. This software allows us to visualize our products before they are built, target any potential problems, and relay accurate information to our foundries and machine shops.


CSP as a certified ISO 9001 company, supplies products to our customers with high levels of safety, reliability, maintainability and to minimize downtime and withstand the harshest wear environments. Our products meet or exceed the highest industry standards including ISO 9000, ASTM, AISI, DIN, JIS, SAE or proprietary standards, and are subject to stringent Quality Assurance programs to ensure consistent quality.

CSP products meet or exceed:

  • Carbon Steel ASTM A-27
  • Mild Steel ASTM A-36
  • Low Alloy Steel ASTM A-148
  • Gray Iron ASTM A-319
  • White Iron ASTM A-532
  • Ductile Iron ASTM A-536
  • Stainless Steel ASTM A-297
  • Manganese Steel ASTM A-128

Inspection and Testing to Provide Reliable and Predictable Performance

Our commitment to meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations with excellence in supplying reliable quality custom cast, forged and fabricated metal products includes conducting full scale industrial testing of our designs and systems. Our engineering department uses SolidWorks Simulation (Finite Element Analysis) software to analyze how our products will react in real-world situations. Using these results, we can optimize our designs to reduce cost and improve performance, while ensuring they will not fail under the conditions specified. We also undertake the following tests: Liquid Penetrant, Magnetic Particle (wet and dry), Ultrasonic, Radiographic, Mechanical Properties and Chemical Analysis. Our program for testing is supported by research and laboratory facilities around the world. This testing provides a wealth of operating data to ensure reliable and predictable industry leading performance. CSP also issues comprehensive engineering standards for all critical components and assembly including thorough review of all dimensional and tolerance requirements.


CSP specializes in optimizing current designs to better meet the needs of our customers. We are able to extend the lifetime of our products, reduce cost, and provide better performance while requiring less maintenance and down time. Some of the ways we achieve these goals are by reducing weight, choosing better-suited materials, optimizing designs, and using our knowledge of in-field usage to find better ways of doing things.

"There's a way to do it better – find it."    – Thomas Edison

Product Development

CSP is committed to meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations with excellence in supplying reliable quality custom cast, forged and fabricated metal wear, replacement and abrasion and heat resistant products and value pleasing service. We continually invest in research and development to take full advantage of industry advancements in order to supply market leading and innovative new products.

Forging Capabilities & Machine Shops

CSP utilizes an extensive network of forging and machine shop facilities to provide the following capabilities and performance:


0.025 kilograms to 120,000 kilograms (120 MT)


Can range from one each, to several thousand.  Open and closed die forging.


Shell, Pit-Molding (for large castings), Auto Molding, Investment Casting, Green Sand, No Bake


Our castings using Electric Arc or Induction Furnace sand Vacuum Degassing (if required) are manufactured to ASTM, AISI, DIN, JIS, SAE or proprietary standards:

CSP Ferrous Alloys Maximize
CSP Non Ferrous Alloys Maximize

Cast Steel Products LP is committed to supplying innovative engineered cast, forged and fabricated metal wear, replacement and abrasion and heat resistant products and services which will enhance the value of your project!

Please explore our web site to review our extensive product information and product and project photos and contact us via phone or email to discuss your custom requirements and to obtain pricing and delivery information for our extensive CSP product range.