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CSP High Pressure Grinding Rolls (HPGR)

CSP is a leading worldwide supplier of HPGR Rolls to OEM and aftermarket. We have many successful working applications having supplied hundreds of sets of HPGR Rolls to a variety of worldwide mining and mineral processing operations including Iron Ore, Diamond, Molybdenum, Gold and Copper. With our innovatively engineered and proprietary edge, stud and roll design and unique and proprietary state of-the-art wear technology, CSP HPGR Rolls deliver best in class performance and proven industry leading high wear, extended service life, ease of maintenance and significantly reduced maintenance costs.

Our experienced sales and engineering departments work closely with the end user to determine exactly what is required in order to supply an innovative engineered custom solution manufactured to ISO 9000 or proprietary standards and designed to deliver to our customers proven industry leading reduced operating costs, reduced maintenance costs, and increased production yield. As a ISO 9001 certified company, strict QA and QC programs are in place at many levels to insure quality. In addition CSP HPGR Rolls are custom designed to provide customers with fast lead times and high levels of safety, reliability and maintainability. 

CSP has many successful global working applications of our industry leading HPGR Rolls including the following countries and mining and mineral processing operations:

  • Australia - Gold and Iron Ore
  • Botswana - Diamonds
  • Brazil - Copper
  • Canada - Diamonds
  • China - Copper, Gold, Iron Ore & Molybdenum
  • Germany - Pilot Plant          
  • Mexico - Gold
  • Russia - Diamonds
  • South Africa - Platinum

Benefits to our customers of CSP’s 

HPGR Rolls

Proven market leading reduced plant operating costs, longer service life and reduced maintenance costs

CSP’s proprietary carbide edge design, studs and roll surface system has delivered proven industry leading longer service cycles and lower maintenance requirements. CSP’s HPGR Rolls are uniquely designed and built for maximum performance and durability. They reduce plant operating cost per ton and cost per hour. Longer service cycles leads to significantly reduced maintenance costs and our unique HPGR Rolls design enables them to be withdrawn efficiently and replaced when wore down. Worn down carbide edges can be replaced in five minutes!!

Longer wear surface life and ability to process difficult material

Recognizing that the cost of wear is a major economic cost in the mining and minerals processing industry, CSP has undertaken full scale industrial testing of studs to line the surface of the HPGR Rolls and has developed a proprietary highly wear resistant carbide stud-lining of the rolls. As these carbide studs are in direct contact with the material to be pressed under varying pressures, they offer the best wear protection. We have supplied working HPGR Rolls around the world with high wear surface life of 36,000 hrs. In addition our proprietary studs and design have proven to economically process difficult material such as moist pellet feed – up to 6%.

Energy efficient

Our HPGR Rolls utilizes the principle of high pressure inter particle comminution to grind various types of ore, industrial minerals, or clinker for cement production. Using our proprietary edge, stud and roll design and unique state of-the-art wear technology, a CSP HPGR Roll consumes less energy resulting in reduced operational costs and exceptional long term reliability.

Custom design and production capabilities

Our experienced sales and engineering departments work closely with the end user to determine exactly what is required in order to supply an innovative engineered custom HPGR Roll solution manufactured to ISO 9000 or proprietary standards. CSP can supply HPGR Rolls from a lab size of 300mm x 75mm to the largest in operation today 2400mm x 1700mm.

Reliable and predictable performance

Our commitment to meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations with excellence in supplying reliable quality custom HPGR Rolls includes conducting full scale industrial testing of our edge, studs and roll surface designs and system. Our program for testing is supported by research and laboratory facilities around the world. This testing provides a wealth of operating data to ensure reliable and predictable industry leading HPGR Roll performance.


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