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CSP Power Plant Wear Parts

CSP is a leading supplier of high temperature and wear castings to the power generation industry.  Our customers include commercial and industrial power plants, municipal utilities, bio-mass, waste-to-energy plants, co-generation, institutions and independent electric power producers.

We are committed to supplying innovative engineered site-specific wear parts for demanding applications for different customer requirements. Our experienced sales and engineering departments work closely with our different customers in order to determine specific end use, material requirements, manufacturing options, and design solutions.  CSP’s goal is to provide durable, cost effective parts specific to each industry. Our wear parts are manufactured to the highest industry standards including ISO 9000, ASTM, AISI, DIN, JIS, SAE or proprietary standards. As a ISO 9001 certified company, strict QA and QC programs are in place at many levels to insure quality.  Because of our extensive capability to supply Stainless Steel, Iron, Ductile Iron, High Strength Steel, Manganese Steel and Bronze we can also offer our customers the opportunity to source multiple types of parts for their equipment and for spares.


CSP takes pride delivering what operators, maintenance, and reliability engineers expect: outage forecast proposals, dependable forecasted deliveries, consistent high quality parts ready for installation, and long lasting durable parts that perform optimally. CSP understands that power plants need to operate efficiently without unscheduled shutdowns. While performing scheduled shutdowns, CSP understands both downtime, labor and equipment are costly. CSP provides innovative engineering capabilities, and quality parts with fast lead times, high levels of safety and reliability that minimize labor and down time and withstand the harshest wear environments. 

Contact us via phone or email to discuss your custom product requirements and to obtain pricing and delivery information for our extensive CSP Power Plant wear parts range including: