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CSP Smelter Castings

For over 25 years CSP has been a leading supplier of cast, forged and fabricated wear parts for smelting operations in mineral processing, mining and the steel industries.

CSP’s innovative engineering capabilities, production capacity and broad range of metallurgical options give smelters a dependable and proven partner to work with. CSP takes great pride in working with operators, maintenance, and purchasing to engineer and supply both small size castings (94 kg moulds) to large size castings (25,000 kg slag pots). In addition our experienced sales and engineering department work with the end user to develop castings for wear parts used in smelters of all types, and can quickly generate prototypes, and production volumes. As a ISO 9001 certified company, strict QA and QC programs are in place at many levels to insure quality.  CSP cast, forged and fabricated wear parts for smelting operations are also innovatively designed and engineered to provide customers with fast lead times, high levels of safety, reliability, maintainability and to minimize downtime and withstand the harshest wear environments.


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