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Sales Representatives


VP Business Development & Sales

Abdallah Fares

Phone: (780) 476-4226
Email: info@cspinnovative.com

US Sales Manager

Tom Reese

Phone: (727) 898-7303
Email: tomr@caststeelproducts.com

Key Account Manager - HPGR


Phone: (780) 476-4226
Email: info@cspinnovative.com

 North America


British Columbia Business Development

Larry Sullivan

Phone: (604) 833-5120
Email: larrys@caststeelproducts.com

Alberta Business Development

Kevin McDermott

Phone: (780) 914-2563


Eastern & Central Canada Business Development

Andrew Barnett

Phone: (705) 229-8391
Email: andrewb@caststeelproducts.com



Quebec and Maritimes Business Development

André Roy

Phone: (514) 984-2515
Email: andre@caststeelproducts.com


Alberta Oilsands Business Development

Devin Walsh

Phone: (587) 646 1041
Email: devin.walsh@cspinnovative.com


Western US Business Development


Email: info@caststeelproducts.com


Minnesota Business      Development

Eric Erkkila

Phone: (218) 428-4943
Email: eric@caststeelproducts.com


Mexico Business         Development

Daniel Betancourt

Phone: (727) 898-7303
Email: daniel@caststeelproducts.com




Brazil/South America Business Development

José Antonio Nóbrega

Phone: (15) 9-9641-9031
Email: jose@cspinnovative.com